Clear Aligners: Invisible Braces For A Beautiful Smile

Clear Aligners: Invisible Braces For A Beautiful Smile

Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth Without Visible BracesWhat Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a different solution to creating a more beautiful and healthy smile by aligning your teeth without braces.  Also known as clear-aligner treatment, these transparent plastic trays are custom molded to your teeth and slowly adjust your teeth through a series of several trays that you will wear for several weeks each.  Many patients prefer clear aligners over traditional metal and porcelain braces for several reasons:

  • Less visible, in fact they are nearly invisible
  • More cost effective, saving you thousands
  • More convenient since you are able to move through each tray on your own without having to visit the dentist each time.
  • An easy, entirely digital, process means you can be fitted for clear aligners quickly
  • None of the pain or discomfort of traditional braces

Are Clear Dental Aligners Right For You?

Making the decision to use clear aligners is one you will discuss with your dentist, such as the team here at Saint James Dentistry in Surfside Beach, SC.  During your consolation we go over the benefits, and drawbacks of using clear-aligner treatment to straighten your teeth.  Though the benefits are much greater than just a more beautiful smile.  Straight teeth are an incredibly important part of a healthy mouth and body.

Clear (or removable) aligners are ideal for mild to moderate crowding or gaps, however traditional braces still hold a valuable place in dentistry in addressing more severe alignment issues.  The most important thing to consider is with clear dental aligners you have the ability to remove them, which means you must be diligent in following your personal alignment plan and use them as directed.  If you do, you will save money and have a faster route to a beautiful smile.


Clear Aligner Questions & Care

Deciding to get clear aligners will come with a lot of questions about the proper wear and care of your teeth alignment system.  Here are the most common questions we get as well as tips to get the most out of your alignment.

  • Aligners take some getting used to, but it’s worth it.
  • Expect to wear your aligners at least 22 hours per day.
  • You may feel a little funny, or notice a slight change in your speech.  This is completely normal and part of your body getting used to the new dental appliance.
  • Keep brushing!  Your aligners are not a forcefield against cavities.  In fact, brushing and flossing is more important than ever and we recommend you brush/floss after every meal.
  • You may notice you have more saliva than usual, this is because your brain realizes there’s something in your mouth.  This will go away, however it is very important that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while your mouth adjusts to your clear aligners.
  • Avoid using teeth whitening agents during the typical 12-24 month alignment process.  Teeth whiteners can (and will likely) damage the aligner material.
  • Keep your aligners clean by rinsing them in cool water.  If you feel they need a better cleaning you can soak them in denture cleaner or brush them gently with a soft bristle brush.

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Considering Clear Aligners For Your Teeth?

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Clear Aligners 101

When someone wants to improve their smile with straighter teeth and a more aligned bite, clear aligners can be an excellent treatment option. They can achieve proper alignment while also being minimally visible when being worn.

What Are Fixed Retainers

A fixed retainer is a custom designed wire securely bonded to the back of the teeth to hold them in optimal orthodontic alignment. Clear Aligners can often be used instead of fixed retainers and you can learn more here.

What Are Removable Retainers

Removable retainers maintain alignment while providing the flexibility to be taken out at meal times, reducing the limitations that a fixed retainer would place on diet. They are also easier to maintain and keep clean by comparison.

Clear Aligner Daily Care

For orthodontic treatment using clear aligners, daily home care is easier than traditional braces, but it’s just as important to keep your teeth healthy during treatment and the trays free from bacteria. Here’s how to care for your clear removable aligners.

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